Jianna Marin, a Lloydminster, Alberta high school student, is ‘powered by breathing’


Jianna Marin, a student in Lloydminster, Alta., decided she wanted to make a difference in her community after noticing a high number of teens using flavoured tobacco.

That is why the now 18-year-old Grade 12 student, along with her mother and a few friends, founded the Lloydminster Flavour Gone youth group.

The efforts from the group snowballed into significant work that help Alberta government officials pass Bill 206, a new law that will eventually ban flavoured tobacco of store shelves.

“Over the past few decades the tobacco industry has flooded the market with flavoured tobacco products in an attempt to recruit new youth smokers,” said the teenager.

“This shameful practice cannot continue.”

While the bill has been passed with almost unanimous support from all provincial parties, the bill has yet to cross the finish line as it has yet to be proclaimed by Alberta cabinet ministers.

In order to drum up support to make that happen, the teenager is touring schools across Alberta this month urging students to write, tweet, and message their MLAs to get the bill proclaimed.

“Our message is very simple — enact Bill 206 without any delay or exemptions, partial protection is not enough,” she said.

“Protect all Alberta youth from flavoured tobacco products and don’t leave anyone behind.

“I am one teen taking on the tobacco giants. I cannot win this fight alone. I am calling on all Alberta youth, parents and concerned citizens to join me in getting this bill across the finish line.”

To follow Jianna on her journey, follow her on Instagram at JoinJianna2014 or on Twitter at @JoinJianna2014

[View the story “Follow Jianna Marin on her journey across Alberta” on Storify]

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