Join The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT in Lethbridge, Alberta for its 75th anniversary party

LethbridgeResidents in Lethbridge have 75 reasons to celebrate lung health in Alberta’s windy city.

The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT (TLA) is encouraging residents in Lethbridge to help it celebrate its 75th anniversary. They can do that by taking part in a simple breathing test at the Centre Village Mall parking lot Saturday (June 21) during a block party hosted by Canada First Mortgage and the Twelve Months of Giving Committee to mark Lung Month in the city.

“We are happy to help TLA celebrate this important milestone in their 75-year-history,” said Ellie Peters, member of the Twelve Months of Giving Committee in Lethbridge.

“We are all powered by breathing so we hope to get as many people as we can from the community to take the breathing test and be counted among the 75,000 people TLA is hoping will take the test as a way to celebrate their 75 years of lung health in Alberta.”

Organizers of the block party will be offering cake to party-goers to help celebrate TLA’s important milestone.

Early detection for lung illnesses, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is important as doctors can use better treatments to reduce symptoms, as well as preventing the illness from getting any worse.

More Canadian women have died from COPD than breast cancer since 2009, according to figures from Statistics Canada. COPD is now the fourth leading cause of death worldwide.

Information about lung health will be available all month long this June at participating businesses across Lethbridge. Donations will also be collected for lung research and patient support programs offered by TLA.

Since 1939, TLA has been the primary information source for lung health. The organization continues to raise funds for critical research and patient support programs, along with advocated for changes in public policy. 


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