Christmas Seals ambassador urges Albertans to fight lung disease on Giving Tuesday

Kyrell Gayle, a soccer-loving six-year-old with severe asthma, wants to see an end to his constant visits to the Stollery Children’s Hospital, especially on Giving Tuesday.


Kyrell Gayle, 6, has severe asthma and he needs your help in fighting lung disease in Alberta on Giving Tuesday.

“I was born with asthma,” said the six-year-old who has been named the 2015 Christmas Seals ambassador by The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT.

“I wish I had a cure to make me feel better, but there is no cure. If only there was a cure, we would be all happy and we wouldn’t be sick, but we don’t have a cure for asthma. Asthma can kill you.”

According to his mother, Angalie Gayle, at six-months old, after a number of respiratory infections, the young boy was diagnosed with severe asthma. Now in first grade, Kyrell spends a significant amount of time in the hospital, to get injections or to get care when his symptoms worsen. A simple cold, could result in a five to seven-day visit in hospital.

Kyrell, is unable to play soccer — a sport he loves — because of his serious condition. The boy also has allergies and is extremely sensitive to poor air quality, which worsens his asthma symptoms, says his mother.

“Someone always has to watch him,” says the boy’s mother, “and he can never be without his daily medications.

“A lot more research needs to be done to help find a cure so other families don’t have to endure this.”

Money raised from the 2015 Christmas Seals campaign — and Giving Tuesday — will help The Lung Association fund important research to find cures and better treatments for lung diseases like asthma, as well as patient support for those suffering from lung disease.

The fundraising goal for this year’s Christmas Seals campaign is $555,000.

According to a recent Conference Board of Canada study, health care costs from the three biggest respiratory illnesses — asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer — have reached $12 billion. If no new treatments are found, that number could double by 2030.

“Giving to Christmas Seals goes a long way in helping us support those who are suffering from lung-related illnesses, along with helping us in funding research that could one day help people like Kyrell,” said Leigh Allard, President and CEO of The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT.

“We greatly appreciate the generosity of long-time donors, and call upon new donors to help in the fight against lung disease. Please give generously.”

To donate or for more information, please visit the Lung Association’s website at or call 1- 888-566-LUNG (5864)

The Lung Association — one of Alberta’s oldest charities — raises money to provide funding for research and prevention, as well as provide patient support for thousands of Albertans suffering from lung disease. The Christmas Seals campaign wraps up on Dec. 31.

Kyrell, and his mother Angalie Gayle, will be meeting with politicians at the Alberta legislature Wednesday, Nov. 25, to create awareness about lung disease as part of The Lung Association’s Lung Month awareness campaign.

Donate on Giving Tuesday today.


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