Kent McInnes’s legacy will live on with The Lung Association

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kent MacInnes, a man who pulled himself off a double-lung and heart transplant list to help protect his family’s financial future in Logan Lake, B.C. passed away March 4, 2016. He was 61-years-old.

His legacy and his story will live on with all of us at The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT as we continue to build a home for lung transplant patients in Edmonton so no one can make another hard decison — like Kent’s — ever again.

Here is his story…

Breathing Together

IMG_0562 Linda and Kent MacInnes.

LOGAN LAKE, B.C. — Kent MacInnes, a 60-year-old resident who lives in this small picturesque town in British Columbia believes he made the right — yet difficult — choice to help protect his family’s financial future.

Despite living with congestive heart failure and a fatal lung disease known as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, MacInnes has chosen to pull himself off the wait list for a heart and double-lung transplant — a surgery he desperately needs in Edmonton’s University of Alberta hospital.

“If something were to happen after my surgery and I didn’t make it, then I would probably bankrupt my family and leave my wife with nothing,” said MacInnes.

Edmonton is the only city in Western Canada that has the expertise, facilities, and resources to handle these kinds of complicated surgeries, including double-lung transplants.

Medical costs are covered for the surgeries, even for patients like MacInnes who…

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