WHAT WE’RE READING THIS WEEK: Calgary Researchers Campaign to Detect and Mitigate Radon Exposure

CTV News HEADLINE: U of C researchers launch campaign to “evict radon” from Alberta; Published November 14, 2017

University of Calgary researchers are encouraging all Albertans to test Radon levels in their homes. Radon is a radioactive gas commonly occuring in Western Canada which can pose serious health risks with frequent exposure at high levels. radon

Radon seeps up from the ground and can pass through porous materials, such as concrete foundations. Radon kits can be purchased online and placed in the lowest lived in area of your home to test for Radon. After about 90 days, tests are sent to the lab for evaluation.

Health Canada recommends radon levels found over 200 in the home be remediated to reduce the risk of lung cancer from radon exposure.

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