WHAT WE’RE READING THIS WEEK: What’s Phlegm Got to Do With It?

Global News HEADLINE: Dry coughs, wet coughs, mucus: Everything you need to know about coughs and phlegm; Published December 10, 2017

Untitled design (5)It’s not just you. Everyone seems to be coughing right now.

During the winter months, people can develop lingering coughs and a build up of mucus in the nose and nasal cavity area. And according to a Toronto-based respirologist, there is a difference between the type of coughs a person can get.

Which are the most common types?

The two most common types of coughs are dry or wet ones, which are known as productive coughs, said Dr. Samir Gupta, a respirologist and clinician scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital.

“[Wet coughs are] productive of mucus or phlegm. [It’s an] inflammation that’s produced by the lungs in response to something. And the common causes of that type of inflammation would be infection,” Gupta told Global News. An example is pneumonia, which, according to the Canadian Lung Association, can occur in one or both lungs.

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