FF29114102We want to create a world free of lung disease.

Right now, 600,000 Albertans are living with lung disease — many more remain undiagnosed. That’s a reality we want to change.

The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT is a non-profit and volunteer based charity that raises money to fight lung disease, fund lung health research and support patients in need. We also serve as an advocate on lung health issues with government, industry and the community.

As a non-profit charity, we raise essential money to support critical research, prevention programs and patient support for the hundreds of thousands who struggle to breathe every day.

We are also champions for policies and practices that make better air and better care possible for Albertans and residents in the Northwest Territories. We advocate for improved lung health by encouraging homeowners on the risks of radon, improving our air quality and raising awareness of other important issues.

Our vision is to create a world free of lung disease. But we can only achieve this with your donation and support. Find out how your donation will make an impact and help those living with lung disease breathe easier and face the future with strength and hope.

Are you or is your family coping with a lung disease? Let us know by tweeting us, sending a Facebook message, emailing kwright@ab.lung.ca or by filling your answer below!


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