A blast from the past at The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT


This year marks the 75th anniversary of The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT (“TLA”).

Over the next few weeks you will see vintage PSAs posted — like the video posted above — as a way to help us celebrate this milestone.

Help us celebrate by donating today. If you donate before Oct. 15, you have a chance to win one of three vacation packages that will take your breath away — pun intended.

Since 1939, TLA has been the primary information source for lung health. The organization continues to raise funds for critical research and patient support programs and advocates for changes in public policy.

Meanwhile, if you are in the Fort McMurray region from Sept. 19 to 21, visit our booth at the Fort McMurray Fall Fair and Trade Show.

Premier Dave Hancock says ‘happy 75th’ to The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT


It might be the dog days of summer, but that hasn’t stopped staff, volunteers and supporters from celebrating an important milestone at The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT (“TLA”).

During the annual Premier K-Day’s Breakfast July 17, Premier Dave Hancock gave a warm “happy birthday” to TLA as it continues to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

We still want to hear from those who have volunteered with us throughout TLA’s 75-year history — whether you were involved in an event like StairClimb for Clean Air, or involved with TLA’s board. Share with us your stories about why you became involved with TLA by filling out the form below!

Since 1939, TLA has been the primary information source for health. The organization continues to raise funds for critical research and patient support programs and advocates for changes in public policy.

Lung health supporters share what they would do if they could breathe better

PoweredByBreathing poster

The conversation has begun.

We have asked you, our readers of this blog and supporters of lung health, what you would do if you could breathe better.

Through our social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook, we have already received a few responses:

Here are a few messages from Facebook:

Responses to Powered By Breathing

Tell us what you would do by filling out the comment sheet below or by emailing carol@ab.lung.ca.

You should also talk to your doctor about a simple breathing test. To find out more, call our help line at 1-866-717-2673.

Another amazing find in our historical archives: The Creed of the Tuberculosis Worker

Check out what we — at The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT — found in some historical archives at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

This was written in the early 1950s and was sent out as a memo to all graduating tuberculosis workers and doctors. This is an amazing discovery in our archives and it speaks about how passionate those health professionals were in fighting tuberculosis.

Creed Of The Tuberculosis Worker

By Robert J. Anderson, M.D.

“I believe that what I have done – and others before me – has reduced the suffering and the deaths of my brothers from tuberculosis. I am grateful that biological forces of nature and improving environmental factors created by man have favoured my work.

“I believe that success of our past effort has been furthered by the enlightened interest of
my neighbour, my country-folk, which has led to cooperation and support which exceeds self-interest.

“I believe that my services have not yet reached every outstretched seeking hand. There is yet more for me to do.

TBPatients“I pledge myself to my brother man to search out the many unknown causes of tuberculosis.

“I pledge that I shall treat each person equally in his misfortune, excusing myself not at all for my ignorance of his condition – of which he knows not himself.

“I shall help him and his to hold family and station.

“I shall help to restore him to pleasures of health, family, and work.

“This I shall do within my ability until tuberculosis is no longer found. I shall seek knowledge of things I do now or can do tomorrow.

“I shall hold to these tenets and oaths as long as they save suffering for the sick and protect others.

“These things I shall do, and shall help others who hold likewise.

Do you have a story to share? Were you involved with The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT in the 1960s? Let us know by filling out the form below!